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    In a previous article, we stated there are (3) general paths one can take when evaluating Internet Marketing Income Strategies to pursue in their online home based business.
    They are:

    1) Creating and or selling your own products.

    2) Selling other peoples products

    3) Telecommuting, as an employee or as an independent contractor


    Wikipedia defines Telecommuting as: “Telecommuting or telework is a work arrangement in which employees enjoy flexibility in working location and hours.”

    Usually in terms of an online business, it means working from home. You can be an employee but also it applies to being a independent contractor. An independent contractor will be our focus in this article.

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    Working the Net!

    I’m not talking about high wire acts. I’m talking about Internet marketing. It has got to be one of the fastest growing occupations in these dark economic times! What makes it so?

    Let me count the ways…

    • You’re competing in a Global Marketplace. This is no small time opportunity. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Your computer gives you the access to compete on a whole new global level and to reach those…
    • Usually hard to reach Niche markets. It once was difficult to be successful in marketing just one type of product or service. Internet Marketing allows you to reach out to specific consumers so you can be selective in what you have to offer.
    • Always wanted to be your own boss? Hell, you can become an Entrepreneur! Yeah, that’s right; a tycoon, a mogul, the big cheese, head honcho or even the big kahuna! With the…
    • Lower overhead of Virtual Store Fronts, your startup and operating costs are easily within your reach. Allowing you to spend more on…
    • The Ultimate Advertising available on the world wide Net. There are numerous outlets to advertise your products or services and some are even free. If you don’t have your own products or services, don’t despair, there are various ways to make money with internet marketing. So many, in fact, that we cant cover them all in this article BUT I will do my best to cover everything in general terms to help you with an understanding of the big picture.

    Thanks to the internet, there are thousands of work at home opportunities available nowadays. These opportunities help stay at home parents, students etc. Anyone can do a home based job irrespective of their age, qualification and skills.

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    An important strategy within the framework of internet Marketing Income Strategies and Solutions is the information product.There are generally three specific forms of information products:

    1) The written variety (e-Books)

    2) Audio tapes or CD’s

    3) Video products as either a DVD or available on the internet

    The Topics vary greatly on just about any subject you can imagine. Right now, in this day and age, information is one of the hottest sought after commodities on the face of the earth. The internet is essentially a way for people to search out and obtain information on many subjects.

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    Affiliate marketing is not only one of the fastest growing internet marketing strategies on the Internet but also one of the fastest and most productive money making solutions on the Internet.

    In essence, affiliate marketing is selling products on a commission basis. You have a business that promotes and sells products for other companies. You may also have your own products but as an affiliate, you are selling “others” products.

    A successful affiliate marketer should have:

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    The Team of TMGold – Terry & Michael Goldman, was born in1997. We  both knew early in our lives that we were not meant to work for others.  With an entrepreneurial spirit, we are both very independent thinkers and doers on a mission.

    Our Passion, our “Why” is to Make a Difference in the lives of both people and animals, through charitable work. Our goal is to inspire and help as many people as we can to live their dreams. For years, we mentored our associates on how to acquire entrepreneur ideas and hone the skills, knowledge and abilities to attain the freedom provided by financial success.

    Today, as Social Media Managers, we use our considerable internet & social media skills to manage, support, maintain and enhance the online presence of businesses, through the vast power of Social Media.

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    To briefly recap what we have covered so far in our Internet Marketing Income Strategies Series:

    Generally speaking, there are three paths you can follow with your online business.

    1) Selling other peoples products

    2) Creating and/or selling your own products

    3) Telecommuting— working for someone else as either an employee or as an independent contractor.

    Today, we are going to look at and explore what I call starting and developing your passion business or passion site. It can incorporate both numbers one and two, from the list above.

    I have really been looking forward to writing this article as I feel so strongly about it and it revolves around your passion. This is the business that you jump out of bed each day to get to work on. It not only involves your passion but also your “why”. It focuses on your purpose in life, your calling and what you were meant to do. It is something you love.

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